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Reimagine learning for online, on-campus, and blended education models. As a global digital innovator, we allow you to transform or optimize your academic, industry or organizational learning.

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Learning Management Systems provide partners with fast, financially viable and student-focused online training, from full academic portfolios to customized workplace training. We work with higher education, employers and industry to develop groundbreaking online programs that provide a rich, immersive learning experience for students and professional students.

Learning Management Systems provide online program management or specialized services from enrollment to graduation. We have scale, expertise, market knowledge and proven delivery frameworks to enable our clients to achieve their educational goals.

  1. Student-centered experience
  2. Global growth
  3. Market entry speed
  4. Informed with data
  5. Innovation
  6. Academic excellence

Customized Education Solutions


Tailor Made LMS

Special LMS is developed according to the needs of institutions. One-to-one lesson system, special meeting, special learning management systems and solutions are developed according to the needs.

Installation and configuration

Our company installs and configures the following learning management systems according to the requests and demands of the institutions. Installation, maintenance, simultaneous user login, database optimization are performed. Open source LMS systems produce solutions according to the needs of institutions.

  1. Moodle (“Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment”)
  2. Canvas 
  3. Sakai
  4. İlias
  5. WpLMS(WPLMS Learning Management System)
  6. Academy Learning Management System


There are special video conference system solutions according to the institutions. These software are integrated according to the needs of the institutions and their management and optimization are made.

  1. BigBlueButton 
  2. Jitsi 
  3. Jami 
  4. TeamLink
  5. Google Meet
  6. Microsoft Teams
  7. Adobe Connect
  8. Zoom


Panopticon is a software developed by our company that provides management and optimization of BigBlueButton servers. In particular, it provides server optimization and management of records.

Panopticon is a software developed to scale the management of BigBlueButton (BBB) Video Conference servers developed as open source. On this basis, it was developed to manage the server load balancer system called Scalelite, which was developed as open source.

Thanks to this system, it enables BigBlueButton servers to appear as a server.


  • You can connect all BBB servers used in the system to the system.
  • You can follow the load balance of the servers.
  • You can follow the participant balance of the presenters.
  • You can follow course / course / meeting records from a single center.
  • You can follow course / course / meeting records online.

Digital Learning Material Development Systems Trainings

  1. XERTE
  2. H5P
  3. ExeLearning
  4. MS Powerpoint
  5. iSpring
  6. Articulate
  7. Adobe Captivate
  8. Adobe Acrobat Pro 
  9. Google Slaytlar
  10. Calibre 
  11. Latex

Our References /, Özel İSTEK 1915 Çanakkale Okulları Malatya /Epsilon Eğitim Kurumları  Elazığ Pegem Akademi Sivas Tek Lider Akademi Gaziantep Pegem Akademi Tokat Pegem Akademi EPAUZEM EPA Uzaktan Eğitim Merkezi Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa Üniversitesi /Panopticon Van Pegem Akademi Gülay Denizcilik Individual Learning Management System


Online education has opened up new opportunities – for higher education, employers, and industry – to deliver stronger and engaging learning experiences that attract and retain students, support business goals, and deliver long-term business value.

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